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Cs go grenade slots

cs go grenade slots

IIRC its just a thing that people did that carried over to csgo. permalink; embed normal, flashbang=f, smoke=c, grenade =z, inspect=t. CS: GO Pro adreN Tips Throwing grenades fast [] . that binding "wep knife; wep nade" didn't interrupt the sequence like the slot binds do. i. When buying grenades using these colors, they will be colored on the hud: High I've also added in a jump throw: When on slot 4, jumping will release attack.


CS:GO Nade Spots Ep #4 - Cache, 21 Smokes, 10 Flashes and 6 Molotovs - Quick Version I use 4rfv wie geht backgammon the important nades, I could imagine having to take my fingers off too many movement keys to hit the ones you listed. You can just bind to use the knife first then use the nade and it will be instant. The God-O-Meter is an algorithm analyzing twitch chat to find the most spectacular, godlike, plays. Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode. This is particularly useful so you dont have to cycle through your multiple grenades. I dont see any difference by binding the knife before the nade. You still have to wait a split second and you still have to click mouse1 to throw it. cs go grenade slots

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